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  Directions: The independent essay usually asks for your opinion about a familiar topic. You will have 30 minutes to plan, write, and revise your response. Typically, a good essay for the independent topic will require that you write 300–350 words.

  Question: Leaders like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King have made important contributions to the people of the United States. Name another world leader you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.




  1、 领袖邓小平打开国门,改变了中国的发展。

  2、 邓小平是个善良的人,帮助中国的贫穷孩子。


  Before rendering my opinion, I think it is important to take a glance at the arguments on both sides. People who support XXX usually give some, even all of the following reasons. The first is that (人们支持XXX的第一个原由).The second is that (人们支持XXX 的第二个原因).

  Generally, people who attack XXX claim that (反对XXX 结论的第一个原因). They also often say that there will be problems of(反对XXX 结论的第二个原因,填上如果选择XXX会带来的问题).

  As far as I am concerned, I come to the notion that there are two main reasons why I support XXX. Firstly, (我支持XXX 和第一个原因). Furthermore,(我支持XXX 的第三个原因).


  The graded school system, which groups students by age, is usually divided into primary, intermediate, and secondary grades. However, according to the lecture, there are several disadvantages to this type of system. In the first place, maturity is not considered. All students begin the first grade at six years old; however, many children are not mature enough to go to school at that age. In contrast, some younger children are ready for school before their sixth birthdays but are denied the opportunity to begin until they reach the required age of six. In addition, the disparity in the maturity of girls and boys is marked in the intermediate grades. Nevertheless, they are still scheduled for classes according to age, not maturity. Even more concerning is the problem of grade-level standards, which rely on testing to evaluate progress by age instead of by actual mastery on the part of individuals. The grade-level system is inefficient because it requires some learners to repeat concepts that they have already learned in order to master those that they still need to know. It also penalizes students who are capable of learning more material than the grade-level curriculum allows. Furthermore, research shows a correlation between low self-esteem and drop-out rates with the requirement that students repeat a calendar year because they have not learned part of the material for their grade.


  seize the chance——抓住机会。